Thursday, May 21, 2009

The toys

The toys in my possession

From the left

Canon Powershot S2IS, 12 X optical zoom, 5 MP sensor

Sony Alpha 200 DSLR, 18-70 mm Lens, 10 MP Sensor

Canon EOS 500 N SLR, 75-300 mm Lens, Film Based

Sony Alpha 350 DSLR, 75-300 mm Lens, 14 MP Sensor [With Live Preview!!]

Need to have some macro lenses soon...

Shot Taken with the so called King of Camera Phones the Nokia N82 [5 MP with Xenon Flash]!!


Samir said...

details, links please!!!

hehe... what did u shoot them with!?!

Damitr Mazanov said...

Details given!!

Will post the links soon

Samir said...

Cool! :)

Try reversal rings on the 18-70. That should be fun for macro.
Much more challenging (& cheaper) than lenses themselves!

N82...! hmmm awesome flash...